Monday, 30 November 2015

Smartphone Portraits

Portraits for Christmas.

Happy clients so far, so I have decided to invest  a bit of money and time on promotionl materials. Also acccepting orders online to post. Anyone interested can send a photo to for a quote including post and packing.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Back in Malaga I have a smart idea.

Marbella was fun for the weekend, but by Monday it turned into a huge retirement village for the lucky few from all over Europe and Russia. Even the cruise ships were just bringing in more grey hair. A few wigs and colourful tints. All retired people - very few retired people buy art, their houses are already full of stuff they need to uffload to pay for the drugs to keep them healthier and alive longer. Some seem to worry that money is going to run out before they die and the drugs just keep getting more expensive. Personally, I see a very simple solution, but I will probably change my mind if I ever make it passed 70.

Police would not let me work either. Strictly no 'street activity' without permission, so obviously I can't reccomend for those wanting to 'Fund Their Own Travel Adventure' for anything other than a good, affordable, off-season break.

I don't like smartphones.

For all the good I see in smartphones etc I see more damage. Mostly damage to my sketches on the ground as people walk over them whilst Twattering and Feckbooking. "Sorry" they say, "I didn't see them". Well look where you're walking then there is no need to feel the need to apologise. Can't be a nice feeling (like people give a flying f***).

I need to tap into the peoples' love affair with the smartphone. This is how an artist is going to try:

I suspect almost everybody using a smartphone will have a favourite photo on their device. A picture of a friend, a loved one, pet (or, most likely a f****** selfie!). Simply email me the photo (in original file size and format so I can print it out after optimising) and I will turn it into a beautiful charcoal and ink portrait for collection the next day. €10 deposit, a further €29 on collection, or delivery. If I get the orders I could comfortably churn out Four a day.

The perfect Christmas gift :)

Friday, 6 November 2015


I have never tried working Marbella, so here I come. Out of seaason fashion resorts can sometimes be very lucrative for artists like myself. Weather looks good - fingers crossed.

Contact me: Tlf: 649 744929, or here, or email:

All work greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Where is the real Malaga?

As much as I like Malaga, and have no doubt the designers and tourist engineers have got it right, personally it has always lacked something.

Huge investment in art and restructuring are paying dividends in so much as attracting international tourists and cruise ships. This time last year I almost sensed a bit of resentment from some local corners. Today everybody is appreciating the benefits.

Malaga is booming in many ways. It is very nice to see.

But, I have a small problem. Malaga lacks honesty.

The statue of Picasso in Plaza de la Merced is a lie. He never sat there in his later years. In fact he left aged just 10 years never to return. Malaga´s supposed new alternative barrio is Soho. Soho in London is South of Holborn. Soho in New York is South of Houston. Soho in Malaga is erm...erm... just a pretend Soho. It goes on.

Perhaps in time the polish will lose it´s gloss and we will all be able to see the real Malaga (north of Plaza de la Merced for anyone really interested).

They really didn´t need to do this. But, whatever, it all works financially.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Too much time on my hands?

Amongst many childhood memories that remain as clear as day is the image of a very content, happy and peaceful Grandfather 'fishing' during a family reunion at a place called 'The Waters Meet', or 'The Waters Edge', or something like that just outside of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. An old roadhouse style pub that had adapted to become a restaurant, hotel and pool fishing retreat.

Here was a man approaching his 80`s very obviously enjoying retired life. I don't remember seeing any fish in net never mind on hook. What I do remember is the silver cigarette case packed with filterless Park Drive and the smell of Scotch eminating from his breath and a very neat leather lined hip flask. This is perhaps the reason I remain a very content, happy and peaceful smoker and drinker myself (yes - I started aged 11!). It is the sort of very powerful psychology marketeers and advertisers can only dream about using thankfully. 

I had a great deal of respect for my father's father. He had lived through a war that took the life of his wife, lives of family, friends and customers at his Black Country fish and chip shop. [This may, or may not be true - families can be the biggest distorters of history, but as a 10 year old it was undoubted fact].

Move on 40 years and this very content, peaceful and happy 3rd generation drinker and smoker is wondering "what's up with all this Freddie Starr business" in the Olive Press?

We read about Freddie's fall from fame. Apparently he is living hand to mouth whilst driving his Mercedes. Perhaps he means 'pump to tank'? I am not sneering - it is not the news I want to read. We all make mistakes. Perhaps a high profile mistake and a much harder fall from a much higher high is a relative thing?

Most of my waking hours are spent on the streets and plazas in Spain (and other countries). I am not a rich man - I am an artist who spends much time socialising with fellow street people. Homeless people reliant on help from others for the most basic hand to mouth lives. Families who are effectively squatting and dependent on food banks. Many of them British ex-pats who used to enjoy relative luxury watching Freddie on TV every Saturday night from the armchair in their suburban semi-detached homes.

We all know where I am comming from here? I am not so sure I know myself!?!

Freddie is obviously a broken man. Even though I have never been a fan, I don't wish to read this anymore than I like to read about the horrors of Syria today. I feel very fortunate to be living in peaceful times in Europe. "Life could be much worse Freddie. Stop looking for sympathy. Stop running. Get your shit together. Get to work again. Find new material relevant to life in today's context. It is never too late to start again."

Many of the homeless people I speak with would actually find symapthy, or even empathy - he doesn't have to ask. However, until we see a better man today we are not going to give it.

Sell your Mercedes if you have to. Put on some unpaid benefit gigs for homeless charities. Start again and then start resolving your problems. We want to hear laughter. See smiling faces, reconciliations and the never give up 'British bulldog spirit'.

If this story continues I hope it does so happily and gracefully. If it doesn't go that way I will probably continue to follow it anyway. It is a free paper and sometimes I get very bored. Such is life. Times change. We all have to adapt out of neccesity. I would prefer to read good 'news' Freddie.

You can also read stories keeping the 'Costa del Crime' image alive and well. All in the name of investigative journalism of course.

The Olive Press - bringing the Daily Hate to sunny Spain.

To be fair, they do report very responsibly on more sensitive issues. I would like to see them continue sucessfully for that alone.

Spanish Malaga remains a very nice place for all to enjoy. Just don't go reading the ex-pat press unless your sense of humour is well lubricated.


Edited for spelling from a W0bberly keyboard and to add...

The Olive Press has changed much. Originally it had a strong environmental leaning and reported news locally from the province of Granada. I was just a bit shocked at how much it has changed. I guess agenda number One for any newspaper is to attract readers. Agenda Two would be to keep readers. If this is what people want to read fair enough. My gripe is with tabloid style ´news´all over Europe ' not simply The Olive Press. Every newspaper and editor will always have an ulterior agenda. In the case of The Olive Press I like that agenda. Environmental issues are kept in the spotlight, and the way they report on immigration issues is 100% unbiased. Good for them.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Malaga again again.

Slight deviation in plan. I am now back in Malaga working in Plaza de la Merced mostly. Another shout for work - I am on an almighty mission to get to California!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Malaga again.

This is not Malaga. That was Granada.

I am on the road again. Looking for work. Any work. Malaga for a week at least. Then Barcelona, or Madrid.

Charcoal sketch on canvas and very colorful Alhambra in acryllic.

And, a photo of me with some very special young company.

I am a very lucky man!
Work please anybody.
I will do the rounds tomorrow.

Monday, 17 August 2015


Change of plan!

Work please?
Tlf: 689 744 929

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Barcelona bound...

Barcelona and surrounding towns. Work please?
Tlf: 689 744 929

Any work. Those who have been waiting;sorry - I am almost there. Took a long, long time to recover from having everything stolen last time I was in Barcelona!

Maya and Maya :)

Monday, 22 June 2015

Evolution of a Goddess/Maya/Suza and Milo

Still in the Granada trap. Think I've said many times before; it is not a bad trap. This unofficial mural is now making a redundant building in Plaza Nueva more useful! Next wall another time.

Friday, 15 May 2015

The Granada trap!

Barcelona on hold. I am staying here until the end of June just because I like it and I have some work. Like it lots actually. It is still the best city for many, many reasons.

Plans change, but ATM; Barcelona from end of June. California end of October. Anything in between and after.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Back in Granada...

A regular scene now a mural in Hotel Plaza Nueva. These are good jobs to get. I will explain another time.

Barcelona bound next week.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Finally ready to move on from sleepy little Nerja. I'm told Papagayo was much more lively once upon a time. Nice free base these days ;) Story is the leaseholder got closed down on late hours and noise infringements. Turns out the owner had already struck a deal with the council to sell. Place gets knocked down to make more sleepy beach space, and a smaller, quieter chiringuito takes it's place.

Anyway... very gentle winter. Thank you Nerja, but I need to make something better happen. Special thanks for the commission that made my passport and flight re-schedule possible. Greatly appreciated.

Granada to Barcelona to ??? Eventually California.

Work please.
Tlf: 689 744 929

Friday, 20 March 2015

Rainy days on the Costa del Sol.

What to do?

Small sketches from memory in the dry, warm of a nice bar. These towns are not built for rainy days.

I like the alternative reality of deserted seaside resorts on rainy days. I know it spoils many peoples holidays, but I like the other perspective that rainy days reveal. An occassional umbrella - maybe a dog and owner on a beach. The plastic and neon are somehow isolated from reality without the sunshine and the people. It is as real as any other thing in contemporary Spain. However, the starkness of a modern, totally fabricated by man environment becomes exposed. Stripped naked for all to see for what it really is. I like the meloncholic moments of sitting in a shelter, drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette and watching nothing other than lighting streaks out at sea and rain fairies in front of your feet.

Looks like we have days of it to come. Hope it doesn't spoil too many holidays. I quite like it.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Before I leave Nerja... a little history and stuff.

I like this place. So, do many other people. Property prices are closer to Marbella prices than usual Malaga, or Granada prices. The slump hasn't affected Nerja quite as much - the demand is still there.

Due to the geological history it has many small coves with secluded beaches. This time of year you can find a small beach for yourself with rare interruptions. Full English breakfast in the sunshine, looking over the sea and considering a swim whilst finishing off with a cigarette and beer. €6.10 at cafeteria Jamaica. My taste buds were reminded of life back in East London. No indegestion here mind. Nice, relaxed start to the day. A little unhealthy perhaps, but I am going swimming in the sea later. All this in March :) You can do it in February, or even January also!

On the Eastern edge of Costa del Sol with views towards the mountainous province of Granada. In 1884 a huge earthquake destroyed the village and sent entire mountains sliding into the sea. Very evident today with small coves and good little rock climbing cliffs. The village was rebuilt, but what you sea today has only really happened during the last 40 years, or so. When the new autovia was finished Costa del Sol boomed, and so did Nerja. However, Nerja has managed to retain something that many villages lost. It has some authentic charm and historical context. You can watch local fisherman working on the beach in the morning. Tiny lanes meander through the old town leading you from beach to beach. The only really commercial feeling part of town is Burriana - the largest beach.

People don't expect artists to enjoy conservative places like Nerja (it is very conservative and very 'grey'!), but I love these places out of season. Surprisingly very inspiring. Relaxing with plenty of time for thought, yet the fun side can also be found if you enjoy an alternative approach to life. No more expensive than Granada if you choose to live the way I choose. Great for a family holiday also.

The history is fascinating. Read about it on wikipedia I know about the legend of the caves and tunnels that possibly reach the Alhambra in Granada. Plenty of prehistoric evidence here also. There is a misleading tourist information board on the Balcon de Europa which states that the original fort was destroyed by the English. It should really tell you that it was destroyed by British forces (apparently Irish) in support of the Spanish fighting Napolean during the Peninsular war.

I have just one gripe. The tourist information board by the market place tells all about how Nerja has been inspirational to artists for centuries. So, why do the police threaten to take me to the station if they catch me sketching big again? "It is my work" I tell them. They then point at their guns and tell me to respect their work. It gets to you eventually. You start wondering if the people who robbed all of your belongings are the innocent and you are causing people and society a problem by creating art. No musicians allowed either. A single moan, but an almighty moan - it spoils the atmosphere for everyone. Music and art adds a huge amount of touristic value to towns. When are the authorities going to realise?

Couple more days then I move on.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Heading to Barcelona.

That was Nerja. It was very pleasant. If I ever make it to 140 years of age with money in the bank, I would happily retire here.

As things are I have neither the years, nor the cash necessary for such a life. Has been fun on a day to day subsisting sort of life, but not much more. Pleasant enough. Strange at times also.

Onwards to Barcelona.

Tlf: 689 744 929

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Staying put for the time being.

I like Nerja, so I am staying here until I have a new passport. Speaking with many locals who have lived here all their lives, and many people who have been visiting all their lives. Seems it was a very small place not so long ago. I will post a more detailed history of Nerja another day.


Anyone want to get involved in this:

It is a winner. New website will arrive, but the blog is purely about recording progress and getting people involved. Watch it evolve.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

All change!

Dammit. I was so close.

What does a street artist do on rainy days in off season coastal resorts? Well, there is at least a new cake to choose.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Early morning coffee in Nerja.

Very nice here. Highly recommended off season coastal resort break.

Tlf: 689 744 929

Very close to new passport application! Only took me Four months.